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Sep 01
Dried v’s Preserved flowers

Dried v’s Preserved Flowers   Every one is  loving on dried and preserved flowers, so popular for boho wedding styling, perfect for creating a beautiful vibe in your home, or gifting a special person –  and seen by many as an environmentally friendly option – but do you really know what they are? So we […]

Jul 21

Bookings are now being taken for all deb’s and formals! Hurry spaces are limited.

Jul 12
Live Music around The Macleay Valley

LIVE MUSIC AROUND THE MACLEAY VALLEY   There is still LIVE MUSIC filling the Valley with their sweet tunes so be sure to support these venues and these musicians.   BUCKET BREWERY  – Chris Rose will be playing from 1pm to 3.30pm on Sunday the 18th of July. STUARTS POINT WORKERS CLUB – Who’s Charlie […]

Mar 06
Jason Ridgeway

BlackBoyCreations – Jason Ridgeway Born and raised on the Macleay river Jason Ridgeway started painting about 6 years ago as a coping mechanism for depression, this allowed him to discovered the love he had for art and was a way for him to express how much he cherishes his culture. Jason’s parents are from both […]

Jan 25

#talentonthemacleay The Macleay Valley has just over 30,000 people currently residing in the area. This Valley is known for its beautiful beaches, fantastic farmlands and breathtaking river views. The people in the Macleay Valley are the heart of the land, and the talent that we produce is second to none. However, these people go unrecognised […]

Jan 06
Protect the Skin you’re in!

PROTECT THE SKiN YOU’RE iN! I am the School Administration Manager of Crescent Head Public School, organising committee member of the Lower North Coast Dance Festival and passionate advocate for the importance of skin protection and the important lifesaving work of the Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA). My melanoma journey began when my beautiful daughter was […]

Jan 06
Who, what, and most importantly why?

Who, what and most importantly why? A bit of background behind The Macleay Valley Hub initiative: Luke Adamson and Leah Hudson are the WHO to the above question. Through COVID they started a small facebook group called Shoutout Macleay Valley to help local people and local businesses in need through these hard times, it was […]