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Dried v’s Preserved flowers

Dried v’s Preserved Flowers


Every one is  loving on dried and preserved flowers, so popular for boho wedding styling, perfect for creating a beautiful vibe in your home, or gifting a special person –  and seen by many as an environmentally friendly option – but do you really know what they are? So we are here to tell you about dried v’s preserved flowers.


Most of us know dried flowers – basically fresh flowers taken at their peak of freshness (no not after they have been sitting in a vase for a week) and inverted to air dry naturally or dried in a hydrator. Basically, dried flowers are natural flowers left to dry.  They will last a long time if cared for and handled correctly. However, because all of the moisture has been removed they do become brittle and can easily snap and loose leaves and petals over time.  Colours will also fade to become beautiful soft muted tones. Natural drying works well for banksias, protea, spinning gum, babys breath etc


Preserved flowers are created by taking fresh flowers and placing their stems in a special solution to replace their natural sap and moisture.  Florists have been doing this process for ages to create flowers that are long lasting and less brittle than dried flowers.  The preservation process also keeps the colour better than drying.  The current trend in commercially available preserved flowers and foliage, so popular for weddings and home decore right now, is quite a different story. Commercially preserved flowers and foliage undergo a miriad of chemical treatments to remove colour, retain moisture and flexibility. Artificial colour can also be added. Most preserved product is produced overseas in chemically toxic environments. The end result can be beautiful but the cost to the environment is significant.  Commercially preserved product includes, ruscus, hydrangea, amaranthus, riceflower etc.

So, know the difference between dried v’s preserved flowers and know what you are buying. At Ellerslie Flowers we use naturally dried and preserved product wherever possible. We air dry many products ourselves, both in store and at our farm to create wonderful bouquets and arrangements for our customers. We also have a range of dried bouquets ready made in store. Pop in and have a look to find out how you can bring some flower love into your life. And stay tuned, we will be holding a dried flower workshop soon where you can create your own masterpiece for home….message me to find out more, we’d love to see you there- Leanne

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Preserved and dried flower arrangement
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