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Stomp On The Point Another Successful Year

Stomp at The Point is a unique festival that takes place in Crescent Head, just one of our beautiful costal towns in the Macleay Valley, Australia. Stomp is a surf competition that is put on by the local Malibu Club

Crescent Head Public School played a significant role in the Stomp the Point Surfing Festival on Saturday, 9th March. The annual surfing competition featured categories for seniors, juniors, and super groms, showcasing the talent and enthusiasm of the students. It was truly exciting to witness the kids take to the waves and display their skills in front of a supportive crowd.

In addition to the surfing events, the P&C of Crescent Head Public School organised a BBQ and cake stall during the festival. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the volunteers from Crescent Head Public School and the community. Their passion for making a difference and their commitment to serving others are truly commendable. Their positive impact on the success of events like these cannot be overstated, and their presence is a testament to the power of community involvement and collaboration.


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