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As the surf club season draws to a close, it’s a bittersweet time for members of local surf clubs like Crescent Head Surf Club, Hat Head Surf Club, and South West Rocks Surf Club. These clubs have been a cornerstone of the coastal community, offering not just a place to catch waves, but a sense of belonging and camaraderie. For children in these areas, the surf clubs provide a safe environment to learn about ocean safety, develop their surfing skills, and foster a love for the sea.

This year, Crescent Head Surf Club went above and beyond by introducing Sunday surf sports for adults, giving members and guests a chance to train in a friendly setting. This initiative not only encouraged active participation from the community but also highlighted the club’s commitment to providing opportunities for all age groups to enjoy the beach and water activities.

As the current season comes to an end, there is anticipation and excitement for the next season among members and supporters. With the success and positive impact of this year’s activities, everyone is looking forward to an even stronger season next year, filled with more events, competitions, and opportunities for both children and adults to continue enjoying everything that the surf clubs have to offer.


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